about me

hi~i ! my name is ana, i am 21 years old. i made this page so i could have my own space to be quirky, and to let people know me a bit better :) my dream is to become a game designer, but right now i'm pursuing a degree on something else. i'm from spain, so i might post stuff in spanish sometimes, sorry about that!


i have a lot of interests, but i'm mostly vocal about videogames! so don't forget to check my gamelog, where i talk about viddy i've been finishing playing. i also post a lot about music, i sometimes draw and i enjoy learning new things about game design. i collect tamagotchi, games and figures and have recently started assembling model kits! as you can see i like weeb-ish stuff and cute aesthetics. i'm bad at coding. i use way too many exclamation marks and say "hehe" a lot! and i love my bf, check his page out

and lastly, my pronouns are she/her! i hope we can become friends, so don't be afraid to interact with me. altho i'm quite awkward and shy hehe >.< thank you so much for reading!!

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