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20220818: important notice! I'll stop updating faiyubu's page since I'll be moving to GAMERA soon! see you there!!
20220811: new GAMELOG entries!
20220714: woah, thank you so much for 100k views!
20220711: 3 new GAMELOG entries
20220705: updated GAMELOG
20220615: six new GAMELOG entries, I'm also working on a new version of the website so stay tuned!!
20220608: new JOURNAL entry
20220530: retired the GALLERY, added new 2022 GAMELOG entries and finally finished adding the remaining 2021 ones!
20220509: new GAMELOG entries
20220430: 5 new GAMELOG entries!
20220421: JOURNAL is ready!! also, I got interviewed for this Polygon article, go check it out!
20220412: blablah 4 new GAMELOG entries you know the deal!
20220408: new 2022 and 2021 GAMELOG entries
20220312: new GAMELOG entries
20220307: added new buttons to the LINKS page and two new GAMELOG entries (:
20220207: added latest GAMELOG entries and few older 2021 ones
20220129: added latest GAMELOG entries
20220115: added latest GAMELOG entries
20220109: happy new year everyone!! created 2022's GAMELOG, but i still gotta finish adding all the last year's entries since i ended up playing waaay too much stuff x) also added some game resources to the LINKS page
20211012: added june & july entries to the GAMELOG... getting there!
20211006: added april & may entries to the GAMELOG and 1 new picture to the GALLERY
20210825: added march entries to the GAMELOG and new buttons to the LINKS page
20210821: i don't like instagram so i created the GALLERY page!
20210820: tweaked the layout, added a summary to the GAMELOG, added buttons to the LINKS page
20210815: added more older GAMELOG entries
20210807: added a few tidbits to the ABOUT page
20210724: slowly adding the older 2021 GAMELOG entries...!
20210604: filled missing GAMELOG entries
20210601: added a "now playing" section to the GAMELOG pages, also added the remaining 2020 games, no review/comments yet though
20210515: hi it's been a while! remade the GAMELOG pages, now i just need to fill them in ;_;
20201124: i'm a bit busy with school atm so i haven't updated in a while, but i reworked the sidebar!
20201026: i made a new page where i can talk about TAMAGOTCHI! it's a bit hidden atm, maybe it's time to do a rework on my sidebar... i also new entries added to the GAMELOG
20201014: new entries added to the GAMELOG
20201012: finally added a button >.< added others' buttons to the LINKS page
20200925: added CREDITS page and wrote new entries on the GAMELOG (new name i guess?)
20200924: added CONTACT links and fixed page's width (it was kind of bothering me)
20200811: new entries added to the GAME JOURNAL
20200719: new entries added to the GAME JOURNAL
20200622: GAME JOURNAL page done
20200422: ABOUT page done
20200315: homepage almost finished
20200314: the site's up! finished enter page.


create MUSIC page
create a more contrasted alternative layout
continue work on the TAMAGOTCHI page
finish adding entries to the GAMELOG
organize menu
add links
start writing on the GAMELOG!
create ABOUT page
customize guestbook

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