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mad panic coaster (psx)

20201025 so no one's gonna talk about how the final boss is some guy with a moustache and a red hat that throws money bags at you and screams "yahoo!" while flying on a golden platform with the words "SUPER MASAO" written on it huh. it has some balancing issues and some of the enemy designs are kind of bad but i really liked this overall. it looks like a super difficult game for people with mad reflexes on the outside but i loved memorising the tracks, after a few runs i felt like every single mistake was mostly my fault (lest a few bosses). an obscure gem!

harmful park (psx)

20201023 can't help but love how there are a lot of retro game reviewers out there saying "i paid 300 dollars for this game and it isn't that good!" like duh it's a 1-hour shmup what did you expect lol. the game's alright! i loved the detail put into the enemies and their little interactions, and it has some bangers too. it's true that it has some weird difficulty spikes but it's still pretty enjoyable nevertheless. also look at that cover art!

no-one has to die. (pc)

20201023 the living proof that zero escape-esque games are rarely successful when they can't make you care about their characters. i won't be too harsh since it's just a free flash game, but it seems like they tried too hard with the twists... it has a few plot holes, which wouldn't be as much of an issue if the delivery of the twists succeeded, but they didn't. i liked how the puzzles came together to an end (i don't know if this sentence makes much sense at all but i'm trying my best here okay..) and the kinda meta stuff.

hylics (pc)

20201022 great visuals, ok sound. the "level-up" system is pretty neat in the sense that it's by no means traditional, you get health/hit points either by dying or with the help from your newfound friends, which is pretty cool. curious about the sequel since it's supposed to be way longer and gamey... and i feel like this one already overstayed its welcome a lil bit.

butterfly soup (pc)

20201021 yeah there's a lot about it that is "cringe", but isn't that what being a teenager is all about?

happy's humble burger barn (pc)

20201017 played this cuz i loved carthanc's vibes. it's ok for what it is, i'm not sure if i'm too big into this kind of horror but yea. what i liked the most what the sudden (but totally justified) change of style, it was pretty cool, i think there'll be a new wave of retro-style games trying to do a similar thing pretty soon. i also saw the teaser trailer for its remake, it doesn't look too good sadly, they seem to be looking for the fnaf audience now :(

ghost trick: phantom detective (nds)

20201016 i feel like i would've enjoyed this a lot more if i played it when i was 12... not saying it's bad or anything, but i think i'm getting too old for this kind of plot-twist-heavy stories. the puzzles were cool at first but then they got a bit stale til they introduced a new mechanic towards the end.

the political compass: devil's labyrinth (pc)

20201015 feels lowkey malicious somehow

twin caliber (ps2)

20201010 an eu-only shovelware-y looking title with a lot of charm. the game itself is not very fun to play, the ai and the difficulty curve are all messed up (especially the bosses) but maaan the script+voice acting are so fun and over-the-top and oh my god that soundtrack. it's amazing. i wish i could share some tunes with y'all but unfortunately the songs are not available on youtube or anything. i should upload them sometime huh. anyways back to the game itself. i wanted to play it because it had this novel mechanic about dual wielding with each weapon being controlled by one joystick, which was similar to the central mechanic i thought for a game i wanted to develop. but along with the issues i mentioned before it just doesn't work very well. i ended up streaming it on twitch so i could force myself to beat it x3 luckily my concept was quite different so i think i can make this work?
UPDATE: pitched the game, failed. maybe next time!

everything is going to be ok (pc)

20201003 yaay play this

no more heroes (wii)

20200927 replay. i will be hated for this but it's still my least favourite suda game so far. it's alright though!

the sims 2 (pc)

20200924 best game ever made periodt. started researching on will wright's approach to game design even if he didn't really had that much input in this one and man i love this guy he's so pure. ts2's philosophy differs a little bit from the first game but it's not a bad thing? it respects the original and ultimately becomes the bestest sims game and the expansions add on a lot of cool things unlike what's happening now with the newest entry in the series. it's also such a creative and iconic game... now i feel like playing all the different console versions ahh the nds one was my favourite. those were the good times. now they're making inferior console ports and calling it a day which is a shame :( i need to get back to this asap, my sim became a famous game designer and adopted a child with her gf and i can't wait to see what's in store for them hehe

muscle march (wii)

20200917 ost is golden, game's not so much

chrono trigger (pc)

20200913 i'm not too big into jrpgs. however it was very nice, this game has a lot of charm and it felt really *sincere* even if it was made by a pretty big company for its time. has really good pacing (no need to grind and there's no random encounters, every group of enemies is placed by hand) and it has this super cool thing when you can fight the final boss and finish the game whenever you want to! if you're leveled/skilled enough that is. but thankfully new game + is here for that, and you can get different endings depending on when you choose to fight that boss. the sidequests were so nice too, i love all the characters but ayla rulez

super mario bros. (nes)

20200905 super mario baby

dread x collection (pc)

20200905 oh so i guess horror anthologies are good. torple dook's "hand of doom", although it's certainly not the scariest of the bunch, was my favourite by far! waiting for him to take its concept and make a full game out of it. airdorf's game was a neat surprise. "carthanc"'s visuals were everything, but the game's mechanics were a bit over the place. david szymanski's "pony factory" started out alright (he got those horror fps mechanics right tbh tbh) but then he decided to force the player to backtrack the whole game because he probably felt it was too short or something? + he could've made some cooler stuff with the coloured lighting imo. "outsiders"'s concept was cool albeit a bit generic but i felt like the easy mode worked better with it because i'm not sure having every object move places on a timed game based on repetition is the best idea. i don't feel like commenting on the other projects (they weren't bad, but i don't feel like typing a wall of text hehe) but being able to check out each dev's approach to horror games' design is an enjoyable activity by itself, so i hope i'll be able to play more of this type of anthology soon.

moon: remix rpg adventure (switch)

20200903 ♡♡♡lovedelic♡♡♡ some things i didn't like such as the "returning-home-and-going-to-bed to be able to save your game" thing but overall it was very very good. the ending was very powerful and i'm one of those people that actually liked it but at the same time i find it ...funny? (for the lack of a better word, i don't mean any negative connotation whatsoever!) the creators kept making the same kind of "love-gathering" game. favourite part was getting to help the animals! they were so cute... but creepy at times

pilotwings (snes)

20200824 very impressed! i wasn't quite expecting much but it was a nice little videogame. it gets way harder than it seems at first, but it only adds to the fun! i just wish there were more helicopter missions, those were the best!

donkey kong country (snes)

20200822 way inferior to dkc2 (the best in the series imo) and dkc3. hate those barrel/cannons sections, but not counting those i didn't feel like the game was as hard as people make it to be? i mean the enemy placement sucks, but it's not difficult to get lots of lives

a short hike (pc)

20200819 got this with the blm itch.io bundle but i was liking it so much i couldn't help but buy it again x3 i think the narrative's could've been more powerful if the main protagonist's struggle was left undiscovered by the player. but the game itself is pure charm and fun and i really liked it. its design kinda reminded me of katamari damacy, where everything is small at first and then, little by little, you end up getting the bigger picture...

project rub (nds)

20200817 shibuya-kei vibes ftw!!!!1 some minigames are kind of frustrating and worst of all, you gotta play them again to finish the main story ;_; but it's good fun, i just didn't care enough about it to replay the harder difficulties or unlock the girl's clothes

ihatovo monogatari (snes)

20200816 love love love. got me super interested in kenji miyazawa's work, which is the point of the game, so the devs totally succeeded with their little homage. the ending was so beautiful, it made me cry... biggest gripe with it is that the visuals could be a little less generic, especially after seeing that gorgeous cover art, but it's understandable since it was developed by a really small team. the ost totally delivers though. each area of the game is divided by chapters just like a book, which really suits the theme. oh and there's an office of talking cat workers that give you tips when you talk to them, if you needed another reason to play it :3

the newzealand story (arcade)

20200812 suuuuuper hard i spent a long time to beat this, even with infinite credits lol. a bit on the unfair side with all that enemy spawning but you can use warps and stuff. the ending was really unique, and so was the heaven stuff... i need to play more maze games asap! i really liked the great number of vehicles your kiwi could ride and how they all played super different to each other.


subarashiki hibi ~furenzoku sonzai~ (pc)

20200811 the more i think about it, the more i dislike it T_T i really wanted to like it at first since i love denpa and the visuals, music and characters were like, totally my thing. i found myself enjoying it (minus all the gross stuff, but eh, after euphoria i was unaffected by it somehow, but yeah, it still was kind of terrible) thanks to zakuro and kimika. however, at some point these characters got completely removed from the story and i couldn't care less about the new pair of characters the second half of the game revolved around, especially with all the imouto stuff, ew. maybe i'm too biased because i expected something else because of its kamige status, but the story just wasn't that special, and i guess that, like with most pieces that heavily rely on theorisizing about philosophical matters you either connect with it or you don't, and i know i didn't.

sonic rush (nds)

20200810 i am super conflicted about sonic rush. i used to think of it as "the best sonic game" and i had some really fond memories of it, but... it kinda sucks? like, the actual stages are (if we were to ignore the annoying combat arena parts) super super good, but the bosses are so annoying and repetive that they kinda ruin the game for me... the stages don't really feel like "traditional" sonic levels, they kinda feel like a 2d ssx tricky where you go fast and grind and do tricks and stuff while avoiding obstacles, but you also gotta be careful not to fall on any pits and the like, so you can't just hold right all the time. but yeah, once you learn the levels it's super satisfying to play to get better times and all that, even if the scoring system is super easy to cheat. and hideki naganuma's ost is soo good, my favourite from everything he's worked on really. but then the bosses suck ass and feel so different from the "actual" game ugh. and having to replay the same exact levels with the other character who plays almost the same is pretty lame as well. i hope rush adventure is better with the bosses, even if its ost isn't as good as rush's ;_;

idol hakkenden (nes)

20200806 ugh i love this kind of game, i really do. it's just so silly. i love erika and her friends so much it's unreal. i can't get out "kimi wa hoehoe musume" out of my head, it's just so good. and the amount of fan content this game gets, holy f*ck, i wouldn't think this game was so loved in japan. the translation was great for a game so steeped in the japanese pop cuture of its time, and it's super accessible even if you don't get most of the references. some jokes didn't age too well and are kind of offensive, but yeah, 1989 game. recommended!

trauma center: under the knife (nds)

20200805 i just don't like videogames that are physically painful to play. i never managed to beat it when i was younger and i thought i was just bad at it, but no, this game actually has some really weird difficulty spikes. i feel like some GUILT strains could've been made more puzzle-y but most stuff in this game is really dumbed down to *be really fast at doing things while the game fails at recognising your inputs so you can only get angrier at it*. that last chapter when you fight every strain in a row is so stupid and repetitive too. i hope the sequels fix most of these issues, since the concept itself isn't bad. oh and i didn't feel like talking about the plot since i don't really mind bad stories in games like these, but the writer wanted me to feel sad about characters i didn't care about so badly, i couldn't stop myself from rolling my eyes all the time

girl's garden (sg-1000)

20200802 yuji naka's first game! i haven't really digged on the sg-1000's library *yet* so i can't compare it to other games for the same platform but this one was quite cute and unique, and also oddly addicting. i don't really dig the "competing with another girl to win some guy's affection while he sits there", but then again, it was 1984 and i might be looking way too much into it

star fox (snes)

20200723 keep calling this game a 'tech demo' and i'll eat u. it's a pretty entertaining game! it's true that rail shooters were nothing new at the time, but even then, the game strikes me as impressive for being something running on the snes and it oozes a lot of charm as well! the obvious flaw is that it's laggy as hell and almost becomes impossible to play in the latter stages...

super e.d.f. earth defense force (snes)

20200721 just an average shmup for the snes really. i liked the leveling/powering up system and it had some funky tracks too, but i wouldn't play it again tbh. the fact that it has 8 different weapons to use (i only used the first 4, since i didn't see much point in the others and they weren't in the original arcade game) might seem cool at first, but a lot of them are useless in some stages and that kinda sucks. i spent a lot of time surviving at one of the last bosses when i realized my weapon wasn't doing shit to it, so i had to die to choose a new one altogether lol

princess debut (nds)

20200719 aaaalmost there. i enjoyed it at first (this game oozes charm) but having to replay the same song over and over to unlock new tracks (you only start with ONE song) bored me so much. i also didn't really care about any of the romanceable guys so i ended up marrying the rabbit hehe

l.o.l.: lack of love (dreamcast)

20200717 instant favourite. kind of difficult to recommend to just anyone, but at the same time it feels like one of those games everyone should play at least once, y'know? i'd like to discuss this game with people, but at the same time i don't want to spoil anything, so just play it, ok?

i have no mouth, and i must scream (pc)

20200714 yeah, it extends over the original story in almost every way but at the same time it falls kinda... flat? anyway. the puzzles are weird, they feel like they make a lot of sense *on paper* (like wiping your hands out of figurative blood) but i don't think most players are likely to arrive to that conclusion by themselves? and it's not like you can rely on a lot of trial and error because it's very easy to get locked out of the best endings, and i had to use a guide...

ace combat 5: the unsung war (ps2)

20200712 out of all of the ace combat games i've played (1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 7) this is by far the most solid one. gone are the neverending score attack missions the previous game had, thank god! the story is ok but super predictable, although i didn't really mind it. yes, the english voice acting is super cheesy, but it adds to the experience and it make me care about the himbo character way too much lol. probably a nitpick but i really hated the way the female characters were handled in this game

428: shibuya scramble (pc)

20200707 i thoroughly enjoyed this visual novel! it's a super unique take on the genre not only for its live-action visuals, but because of the way the story is told: making you switch between each character's pov, making apparently inoffensive decisions that might screw over another character, kinda like the butterfly effect, and then get a bad ending with that character... this suits its character-driven story (don't expect a mind-blowing plot) very well, and a lot of the bad endings are so hilarious and over the top it doesn't feel frustrating getting across them, and while the cast is HUGE i ended up caring about all of the characters... this game certainly had a lot of game put into its making and it shows tbh

moero! nekketsu rhythm damashii osu! tatakae! ouendan 2 (nds)

20200703 i prefer the songs featured in the first ouendan game, but this one has some qol additions like letting you skip each song's intro so that's nice i guess. i still have an issue with this series, it feels waaay too unforgiving and punishing because it's really hard to recover even if you only fail one note; fail two or three in a row and you're doomed.

madou monogatari ii: arle 16-sai (game gear)

20200630 kinda more or less the same as the first madou monogatari. still, i think i enjoyed it more? it's even funnier and more charming than its predecessor and we get to know more of the (would-be) puyo puyo cast, and i'd say the maps are a bit less tedious to navigate this time. the translators did a great job as well.

flower, sun, and rain (nds)

20200622 that was... very good? i feel like everything in this game was pretty thought out minus all that "ds feeling" additions, they felt kinda shoehorned. anyways, this game has a lot of charisma and funnily enough, while it's obviously a game designed to make the player feel frustrated, i'd say i throughly enjoyed playing it? i'd definitely rec but the silver case is super necessary to play this though, even if they decided to localize fsr in the west without doing tsc first for some reason, because it's a direct sequel and it'd be difficult to understand the plot without the first one.

helltaker (pc)

20200613 the game certainly wasn't great to begin with but seriously what even was that final boss? i seriously don't think switching genres like that was a good decision AT ALL. big eh. at least azazel is cute

the silver case (pc)

20200610 definitely has its share of flaws and you need to be in the right mindset to get through it: it's a very frustrating game. once you get used to the writing (the way the characters speak can be off-putting at first) it gets very engaging. i'd definitely recommend this to anyone who likes suda51's games as this was his first "own" game, but even with it being his first it's definitely not super accessible if you're not used to the "uniqueness" of his (and grasshopper manufacture's) work imo.

animal crossing: new horizons (switch)

20200530 (still playing) i agree with everyone saying there's a lot of content missing but as long as they keep updating the game... i really enjoy playing it though ... ;_;

deus ex (pc)

20200514 this game is great what can i say. i love you jc denton

doom eternal (pc)

20200417 a lot of unnecessary stuff going on with this game, starting with that dumb story/lore no one asked for. i think the designers perfectly captured what differentiated doom ii from the first game but doing so with eternal compared to doom (2016), which tried to be super immersive, with all the gimicky parts, the open areas and the hordes of ever-spawning demons. the combat loop is perfect and super satisfying. i appreciate that they tried to make a super videogame-y videogame with the weirdly placed platforms and obstacles (which i didn't mind at all) and the floating power-ups and lives, but with all those layers of complex, (imo) unnecesary stuff it kinda ends shooting itself in the foot?

pu·li·ru·la (arcade)

20200408 super cool and visually interesting beat 'em up that isn't too hard for arcade standards. the initial presentation is already nice enough with its ghibli-like sprites and scenery, but then it starts getting super weird with its locations and enemies' designs, and even the different specials the characters perform are quite varied and unique. i'd say it's quite difficult to describe so please go see it for yourself! it's also very short and i'd definitely recommend checking it out.


euphoria (pc)

20200320 i started reading this infamous visual novel because it supposedly had a super mind-blowing story and a critique on female exploitation or something (or so i read). well, it really doesn't have any of that, it's just a nukige being disgusting for the sake of it. i don't think the story makes much sense at all (and i did 100% it/see everything, mind you), but it's intriguing enough to keep you reading even if the payoff isn't that worth it, so i wouldn't think i really wasted my time with this. my biggest issue with the writing (obvious misogyny and all that aside) is that it seems they forgot about what it seemed to be the main theme (the protagonist's "nature") after getting to the second half of each route, and that there's a certain character whose presence doesn't even make sense in the story.

halo: combat evolved (pc)

20200311 really high production values for its time which is kinda cool ngl but i can definitely see how it helped dumbing down fps A LOT. i looooved the setting tho (i thankfully didn't bother with the remastered graphics), so it's also kinda sad to see how it got more boring in the next entries for this series. my biggest issue with this game was the level design, which got gradually worse as the game went on, with lots of hordes coming at you and the like, and hallways that looked the same and were super confusing to navigate.

nanashi no game (nds)

20200311 really cool concept but the execution was so poor oh my god. i want to try the sequel out since i read that it fixes most of the problems this one had

quake (pc)

20200229 amazing game but i hated the final boss. i love how, even without a button to show you the map, i never managed to get lost in its levels (unlike doom, which has a display map and its levels are still confusing as f*ck). setting is all over the place but since the game is so atmospheric it's not trribly uncohesive.

suguri (pc)

20200225 that was hard! i now want to play more doujin stg! it was also a super unique one at that with the dodge mechanic and everything

elite beat agents (nds)

20200223 don't play osu play this and ouendan instead. it also has sk8er boi by avril lavigne in it

pop cutie! street fashion simulation (nds)

20200222 super charming game that i really enjoyed before i accidentally managed to exploit it u_u

golf story (switch)

20200222 i really really wanted to like this one but it the end it was just ok. when first playing this game i thought "a golf-themed rpg?! neat!", but the novelty wears off fast. it ends up being terribly repetitive

river city girls (switch)

20200222 i disliked most stuff about this game, even with all its silliness, and i like silly games. as a beat 'em up it just isn't very good (maybe i just sucked at it but trying to input any move was... a pain?), i didn't like the music and the game tried so hard to be funny it was painful to see. no complaint about the character art tho, which is what first drove me to try this game out.

2064: read only memories (pc)

20200219 i don't think i really liked this game, but after thinking about it for a while i definitely enjoyed it more than snatcher haha. turing is cute though!!

loveplus (nds)

20200211 first part is short and cute, but it's when you successfully woo one of the girls when the real thing starts. one thing i didn't like is that after choosing a girl you can change her personality however you choose and she will obey, but i understand that this game mostly caters to certain kinds of people that certainly won't complain about it. nene best girl- i would like to get all of the events one day


ring out!! pro lesring (pc-98)

20200208 little pc-98 nukige with lesbians and wrestling haha what could go wrong. avoid like the plague

higurashi no naku koro ni kai (pc)

20200208 aaaand it's over. chapters 5 and 6 were the best chapters overall, but because it can get redundant when the mystery is uncovered and it drags for a bit i think i kinda enjoyed the question arcs more. i really loved the themes and setting in this visual novel, and i'm afraid umineko won't cater to my tastes as higu did, but i'm eager to read it anyway!

you must be 18 or older to enter (pc)

20200208 cool little horror game that doesn't need a monster or anything like that to make you feel anxious, only the guilt that comes from being a horny preteen

clean asia! (pc)

20200127 one of cactus' older games. i really like shoot 'em ups and this one was rad as hell, i loved how different the ships were!

sayonara wild hearts (pc)

20200114 while i appreciated some of the references, i don't think i was actually able to resonate with this game. i'd say the game is... decent? like it's not bad or anything but y'know. it sometimes tries to be some sort of rhythm game but it kinda fails. rez' influence in this one is quite obvious, so do youself a favour and play it, for reals! i'd even say this game tried to achieve the same thing rez did for techno, but for pop music/culture instead, and it added its own twist to it. however i don't understand how it claims to be a "playable music album" while also breaking the flow of the gameplay everytime you die/with selection screens? and it's too bad the music wasn't very good, for me at least.

hypnospace outlaw (pc)

20200110 replay. it's good and it made me cry

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