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ready-to-play abandonware: The Collection Chamber · Zomb's Lair
fan translations info (and other different romhacks): Romhacking.net. Not every translation group posts their stuff there, but it's still a useful resource!
interactive fiction on browser: Xyzzy
☆[NSFW] nostalgic visual novels on-line: The Asenheim Project
emulators I use:
☆☆Dolphin [GameCube, Wii]
☆☆Mednafen [PlayStation, Saturn]. I use it with MedGUI Reborn (but you can just use RetroArch)
☆☆redream [Dreamcast]. It's really easy to set up but also kind of basic, so I mostly use it when I'm not on my computer (you can use flycast in RetroArch if you need more options, and it also supports NAOMI games)
☆☆ScummVM [various old adventure games, including but not limited to LucasArts, Sierra and Humongous stuff]
☆☆Stella [Atari 2600]
☆☆Neko Project II [PC-98]

Please, if you're the owner of any of the contents featured on this site and want it removed, don't hesitate to contact me at faiyubu(at)protonmail(dot)com!

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