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[x] from: Anita☆ to: ???
[20220421] Mic check
Hello everyone! As you can see, I finally set up the journal. It needs some tweaking here and there, but it will do for now. I didn’t really know what to do with the layout, but after messing around in the editor, I think I’m quite happy with it, even if it’s pretty basic (well, my whole page is, so…). Now, I have no idea on what to talk about here, but I thought it'd be nice to have a little space where I could ramble and talk about my day for a bit. It's good for practising my English writing too, since the gamelog is a bit to shitpost-y for that, hehe. I’m a very average person so it won’t be anything interesting, but who cares! For now, have this pic of my three desktop guardian girls. I actually just got the Yotsuba the other day, managed to find her really cheap pre-owned. She's a Revoltech, she's super cute and I'd love to get the summer version someday, but it was a bit more expensive(;´д`)Plus this model had the iconic water gun, so...

Anyway, I’ve been having some other ideas for this site lately, but I’m too lazy to code everything T_T I already took some better pictures of my Tamagotchis, since that page has been left unfinished since like, almost two years ago or so lol. I also wanted to create a “collections” page, so I can show off some of my stuff, or even my digital music library. Speaking of that, I think my almost-10-year-old HDD might die anytime soon… It’s been taking a while to load anything lately. If I lose my 220GB tagged music folder I couldn’t even be mad because it’d be totally my fault. God WHY am I so lazy why  ̄へ ̄”

Also, I’ve been thinking about joining some webrings, but I’m dumbdumb and I have no idea how that works… I would also like to find webrings that are bit more… specific interest wise, so to speak! Like a videogame webring or something along those lines. Anyway, if anyone could lend me a hand I’d really appreciate it!

Alright, I better stop now since this is mostly just a test so I didn’t want to get too carried away, but I’m excited about this journaling thing! Thanks for reading and see you later!!

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