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[20220608] Huge Dreamcast Fan Excited To Play For The First Time
Okay, so I ended up not updating because... well, my life is kinda boring lol. Might as well just write a long entry with everything that's been going on. College was really stressing for me so I decided to have a gap year after getting my degree in order to keep my sanity. Since I'm now temporarily living the NEET life I thought it was a good idea to set some small objectives for myself, like getting an English certification and a driver's license, which isn't a lot, but I'm really proud of myself for not slacking off and managing to get both! I had aimed to get a Cambridge C1 certification, turns out I did well enough that I got a C2 score, which I didn't expect at all! I had wanted to get a certification since high school but I didn't have a lot of time + I was lazy, so I'm glad I could get this out of the way. On the other hand, it took me three attempts and several months to get a license. I got so deppressed after my second try that I honestly thought I just wasn't made for driving, like something was wrong inside my head or something, but I got really lucky and passed the next test! Driving tests in my country are notoriously difficult and depend a lot on luck, since it's really easy to fail due to the other drivers' behaviour. Anyway, I only really wanted to get a license to improve job prospects, I don't think I'll be driving by myself nor do I really need to, especially in this city where people can't drive for shit and parkings are always full (I also don't have a car hehe). I literally don't have any responsabilites right now (not counting home stuff ofc) so might as well get serious about studying Japanese...

That aside, it was my birthday the other day. I've been feeling kinda meh lately and I don't have a lot of friends in this city so I didn't really expect to have a super special day or anything, but a friend from a nearby city came to visit for the weekend and we had a really nice dinner and I had a lot of fun! He also got me a physical copy of
Sid Meier's Civilization IV, which is my fav Civ game by faaaar. It was pristine and comes with a really thick manual! My ex-roommates sent me the super cute Sylvanian kangaroo family, I love the mom with the baby kangaroo in her dress' pouch T_T So cute. I really miss them a lot! Finally, my boyfriend gave me something that I honestly never expected to own in my whole life...
What!! A f*cking Hello Kitty limited edition Dreamcast, in my favourite colour too! How cute is that? I legit cried, I really don't deserve it! I love Dreamcast games (I mean, just look at my favicon!) but always had to emulate because retro consoles are pricey, and our apartment is pretty small and I have to move a lot so I was always reluctant to finally bit the bullet... Plus this exact model was my favourite! It came with four games (two Hello Kitty titles and pachinko and DDR ones) but I haven't used it yet because since it's a Japanese console I will probably have to swap the power supply. I started looking up games and stuff online and I got a bit angry tho. I really don't like this type of ~retro game collector~... "nooo you can't use that console since it's really rare you have to keep it stored in a box forever!!!!". Dude... If anything we should be getting mad at hoarders that do this exact same thing!! Of course we have to be careful with rare consoles/games since there are limited units but not using them EVER is too much. It kinda reminds me of those people that buy rare retro games so they can boast about their collections on Reddit or whatever but don't even play the games nor do they intend to, it's like taking away that opportunity from someone who really loves a particular game/series or people who actually want to try out the games instead of keeping them sealed forever. The only retro games I own are those that I've pirated in the past and liked enough to want to have them in physical form in order to experience the full package with the manual and other feelies, and it's kinda annoying knowing I won't ever be able to do that with a game like
L.O.L.: Lack of Love because some people decided it's now worth two hundred dollars >_< But that's just my opinion, at the end of the day I can't police what people do with their money and that's probably just envy speaking for me.

Anyway, sorry for ranting! After all I'm glad I could have a fun birthday and I'm honestly really excited to be able to properly start my retro game journey, will keep you updated! I will now go on with my NEETing and play a lot of games~ Thanks so much for reading!

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